Sex and Marriage: An Awaken Love Workshop

sex and marriage


The last workshop of the Summer 2015 series is the one I’m most excited about. Why? Because we’ll be taking an open, honest look at sex, culture and marriage and how it effects the life of the Christian. 


In a society that’s highly sexualized yet strangely puritanical, we get a ton of mixed messages. In most churches, we only get one message: Don’t have sex before you’re married. 


Yet pre-marital sex is almost the standard, for Christians and non-Christians alike. Co-habitation is considered a necessary step for some. What about those who don’t fit into the heterosexual, happily ever after by 25 scenario? 

  • Those called to singleness
  • Those divorced or widowed
  • Those single into their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s
  • Those who aren’t heterosexual


There are more, but I’ll let it there for now. What about pornography and adultery? What about those who are married and aren’t having sex? And so forth and so on. 


This is a conversation we need to have.

What would you like to talk about in regards to sex and marriage?

Choose one or add your own here.

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