4HG Presents…


4HisGlory facilitates workshops and provides guest speaking services that are





Each presentation is intended to encourage attendees to strive to take better care of themselves, improve their relationships and overall quality of life.





You cannot live better if you don’t know how. Knowledge is the foundation of wisdom. The more well-informed we are, the more likely we are to make effective decisions. When we learn something worthwhile, we pass it on.


and Real…

Remove the mask 

4HisGlory integrates real-life experience and addresses the issues that we all struggle with but don’t like to talk about. The goal is to provoke thought and help people connect in authentic ways, as well as to engage the audience.


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            Wellness                                                                                    Leadership

     Anger as a Disease                                                                 A Culture of Care

     Divisions in the Church                                                        Leading While Serving                     

     The Root of Soul Ties                                                            Common Leadership Myths           

     Mourning Life’s Losses                                                         Is Your House In Order? 

     Intimacy at Every Level                                                        Tools for Emotional Health             

     Sex: The Whole Truth                                                           Leader/Follower Dynamics

     Living with Mental Illness                                                   Role of Emotion in Organizations