Personality Tests

I’ve been interested in personality and behavior since high school. Probably why I went to school for psychology. 


My current theory is that personality in people is similar to other patterns found in nature – God given, orderly and still unique. A person’s natural personality is shaped by environment, experience and Spirit. So you can have two people with a similar type that behave very differently.


Here’s a list of some of my preferred personality tests and why I think they’re helpful. At the bottom, I’ve added a link to my Pinterest personality board. 





This extremely popular test is used in school and workplaces all over the country. It assess four dimensions of personality and most people are familiar with the idea of Introversion/Extraversion.


I vs. E – Introvert or extrovert has nothing to do with how shy you are or how much you like people (hardly anything). It’s about how you gather energy and recharge. Introverts are more likely to recharge in solitude and with individual, quiet pursuits. Extroverts on the other hand, need social interaction to thrive. They need human interaction and energy to feel good.


N vs. S – Intuition or sensory is about how we take in information. It can be a bit complicated to figure out because both may work at the subconscious level but intuits gather information by “knowing.” Sensors get their information based on what their 5 senses tell them – someone’s facial expression, tone of voice, etc…

Sensors tend to be more detail oriented and present minded while intuits need less information and are more “big picture.”


F vs. T – Feeler or thinker? Everyone uses their emotions and logic to make decisions, we just tend to weigh one more than the other. Feelers make decisions based on their personal values and empathy whereas thinkers are more about cause and effect. 


J vs. P – The fourth dimension is how we respond to the outside world. Judgers have a set of guidelines and new information either fits or is rejected. Perceivers on the other hand, receive information and make it fit in somewhere, even if they end up creating a new category. 


Here are a couple of links to check out your style:


16 Personalities –


Personality Page (my personal favorite) –

Note: The Personality Page shows how the different types interact in areas like love, work, parenting, etc… but there is a $5 fee to take the test. Well worth it to support the site or you could take the free test and then read the profiles and see if it matches.


Personality Page kids test (free)  – 



The Color Code


I like this test as a quick visual summary of personality. It talks about personality based on who values what. 


The Color Code test –


If you’re fairly familiar with your personality, you can also figure it out from this pin about kids

I really like how it talks about strengths and limitations for each one. 



Dressing Your Truth


I love the Dressing Your Truth system. It’s based on the idea of energy profiles and not only tells you more about your personality, but helps you find the clothes that bring out that energy. There are several people around the web who have had an issue with purchasing the course and some who say that the information has been stolen and repackaged. 


My stance is, no idea is new and don’t buy anything with anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable. I did not pay for the course but I watched several of the videos and read a lot of the information. Initially, I thought I was a type 2 but have since realized that I am a primary Type 3 with a secondary 2. 


Here’s a summary of the types: 


A lot of my Pinterest board has DYT examples on it as well.



The 5 Love Languages


An excellent book that I highly recommend you purchase, The 5 Love Languages has been a game changer in many a relationship. 


Basically, the idea is that we receive love in a certain way. If someone loves us but expresses it in a different way, we still feel unloved. A common example is a man who is Acts of Service and a woman who is Words of Affirmation. He is always doing stuff around the house but she feels unloved because he never compliments her or says “I love you.” 


Initially written with couples in mind, the love languages apply to any relationship.



Visit The 5 Love Languages website for more information.


Download or print this PDF quiz to figure out your love language.



Highly Sensitive Persons


Recent research has shown that some people are more sensitive to the environment than others. This information can be helpful because highly sensitive people can respond or behave differently due to their nature. 


You can take the quiz here to see if you may be highly sensitive. I also encourage you to explore the website for more information or purchase Dr. Aron’s book.



My Personality Profiling Pinterest Board


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What’s your experience with personality tests? Helpful or harmful?