Meyers-Briggs Roundup

#typemetuesday For September, I’ll be going through the the 4 sectors of the Meyers Briggs personality profile. First up, energy. Introverts refuel internally while extroverts get a charge from external factors. I love how balanced this image is. It simply gives preferences instead of typing the verts as all or nothing. As an introvert that enjoys socializing (sometimes too much), a lot of the characterizations of introverts as hermits do not fit well. Ambiverts are those who are a fairly even mix of both. I’ve never met an actual ambivert so they’re a bit like unicorns to me. If you’re an ambivert or know one, comment so I know they’re real 😊 Know that your energy type can be masked by upbringing and circumstances. Read or watch to find out more about the types and you’ll learn which truly fits you. Then you can embrace it, which is great for your emotional wellness. #Shay4HG #lifecoach #HeartSpiritCoach #personality #meyersbriggs #introvert #extrovert #ambivert #emotionalhealth #unique #oneofakind #beyourbestyou #authentic #different #Godcreated #drives #jesuslovesyou

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#typemetuesday How do you take in information? If you’re more intuitive, your brain works based on subconscious patterns of information. It feels like you “just know.” If you’re more sensory, your brain uses your 5 senses to take in information. Because it’s a more tangible process, sensors are more likely to be detail oriented and present minded. Versus intuits who prefer to minimize details and think about the future. Neither is right or wrong but we often judge those who are unlike us, as being flawed. Instead, think of them as complementary. Sensors benefit from seeing a bigger picture while Intuits need someone to figure out the details of how to get to the big picture. #Shay4HG #lifecoach #HeartSpiritCoach #meyersbriggs #personality #intuition #sensation #notbadjustdifferent #fearfullyandwonderfullymade #ImagoDei #perception #patterns #senses #presentfuture #detailed #vague A photo posted by Shay Malone (@shay4hg) on

#typemetuesday Wrapping up the Meyers Briggs breakdown is how we relate to the outside world. Judgers prefer to organize their environment with orderly structure. Things either fit into the plan or don’t. Perceivers prefer to respond to the environment as they go along. Everything can be fit into the plan. Here’s a real world illustration. My husband is a J. I’m a P. His preference is to plan out any variables at the beginning of the day. I have just woken up and still have to plan what I’ll be wearing. Do you have a J/P relationship in your life? If so, hopefully this information will help it go a little more smoothly. #Shay4HG #lifecoach #HeartSpiritCoach #personality #Godgiven #manyparts #oneBody #meyersbriggs #different #orientation #typeA #procrastinator #ironsharpensiron #relationships #understanding A photo posted by Shay Malone (@shay4hg) on

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