Men’s Group – After God’s Own Heart

Why A Men’s Group?


Men are:

majestic kings created to reign with velvet fists 

designed to lead and serve through that leadership






The heart of man is shown through Adam, the first man and through Jesus, the last Adam.


Adam’s desire to serve himself was stronger than his desire to serve God. He let himself and his family down. He hid from life and from conflict.


Today’s man deals with the same tendency. He wants a trouble free, conflict free life. He escapes into work, video games, alcohol, women, church, etc…


He loves God, his family and his friends, but doesn’t know how to show it. He is meant to lead others in the way of righteousness but keeps stumbling on his own path. He- you- are being robbed.



The manliest man to ever walk the Earth, flipped the script. Jesus’ desire to serve God was stronger than His desire to serve Himself. He resisted temptation to achieve the greatest victory in the most unexpected way possible.


This victory did not come easily, nor was it simply that He was God and man.


Jesus fully loved and trusted God and relied on the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit that lives in you as a Christ follower.


He did not try to do it alone and showed His disciples how to support and rely on each other. God does not exist alone. God does not work alone. The first time God said something was not good, was when man was alone.



A Men’s group is needed because you weren’t meant to do it alone


4HisGlory Consulting helps men just like you to face your feelings and walk in God’s purpose.

Join us for this 8 week course if you want to:

  • Stop exploding in anger
  • Stop making decisions out of fear
  • Start proactively reaching your goals
  • Start HAVING dreams and goals



We’ll cover topics that include:


How, when and with who can you open up 

What true intimacy looks like

Replacing time wasting habits with time creating ones

Working smarter, not harder


And more


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