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The Value of Marriage

The Value of Marriage - Legacy and Multiplication


A committed, godly marriage is one of the most life changing forces in our world. Basing your marriage on God’s word, an enduring Christ-honoring union produces:


  • a legacy of faith
  • a blessing to the community
  • spiritually and emotionally mature children
  • joy, peace and self-control



The Trouble in Marriage

The Trouble in Marriage -Clearing Obstacles


Unfortunately, many factors prevent the fulfillment of a fruitful marriage. First, we face our own childhood issues, a culture that rejects the biblical model of marriage and perversion in all corners. On top of that, communication weaknesses, personality differences, life changes and stages add to the stormy waters. But you can overcome these obstacles. A few ways are:


Start Early – Begin preparing yourself as soon you realize that you have a desire for marriage. The best time to learn about marriage and the opposite sex is not when you meet someone, it’s long before. Study relationships. Read books, watch videos, talk to those who are already married and spend time with them. This is why we offer this coaching course to singles as well as couples.


Be Proactive – Work on knowing who you are and what your relationship difficulties may be. Assess your friendships – if you’re not a good friend, you probably won’t be a good spouse. Look at your family relationships – are they healthy? If not, what needs to change? Do you know how to be financially and domestically responsible? Most importantly, is your faith deeply rooted? Without God at the center, your marriage will be miserable or it will crumble.


Think Big – Marriage is not just about you. It is not just about your spouse. Much like our occupation, marriage is one of the ways we serve God through serving others. If you only get married to satisfy your wants, you will be disappointed. If you put your spouse on a pedestal, you will be disappointed. If you get married for the sake of being married, you will be disappointed. Anytime you put an idea or a person before God, you will be disappointed.



Building Your Best Marriage

Your Best Marriage -Abundance


The Faithful (formerly Building a Better Marriage) course is designed for those who desire a great marriage, regardless of current relationship status.


Over 8 weeks, we’ll explore topics like communication, personality, boundaries and support.

The group size will be limited to approximately 12, with a maximum of 4 couples and 4 individuals.

The cost is $500 for couples and $350 for individuals. Payment can be made in 2 installments.



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