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 Group Coaching


Use the power of community to get unstuck. Classes are 8-10 weeks long with 4-12 members. The group will call in once a week for a 90 minute tele-session. Calls will be recorded. A private Facebook community will be set up for each group. Each member will also receive a resource book. We expect members to maintain strict confidentiality.


Current topics:


Passionate Marriage – if your goal is to have a great marriage: eventually, soon, now or next time, this course 


Time Management/Organization – time management and life organization issues are often related to emotional avoidance and we discuss what it looks like and how to get over it


Emotional Expression – anxiety, sadness, codependency can be symptoms of suppressed or misguided emotional communication; learning to express what you want and need without guilt or fear is an important part of emotional health


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