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Spiritual Wellness

To neglect any part of your whole self (physical, mental, emotional, social) is to neglect your spiritual development. We are spiritual beings who take on all the other parts of life. Did you know that your emotional perceptions transfer to your spiritual perceptions? If you cannot trust people, you cannot trust God. If you are occupied with anxiety, loneliness or sadness, you have no room to commune with the Holy Spirit. 


Pete Scazzzero, in Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, writes

“It is not possible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.”


The easy paraphrase to that is, you cannot grow in your relationship with God, unless you can grow in your relationship with others. Life circumstances and emotional violations have kept many people trapped in negative emotional cycles, feeling inadequate, inept and overwhelmed. Emotional and spiritual health are well developed when you are at peace with yourself, others and God.


Break the cycles.

Move forward.

Learn to love without fear.


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