Heart-Spirit Coach

Heart (Emotional) Wellness

How do you know if your heart has been broken and is in need of nurturing? Common signs:


      • Perfectionism
      • Angry outbursts
      • Inability to be vulnerable
      • Difficulty speaking the truth
      • Poor time management
      • Fear of punishment
      • Overreacting
      • Inability to trust others
      • Few friendships
      • Negative life patterns
      • Addictions


While experiencing these issues does not necessarily indicate poor emotional health, if you deal with more than 1 or 2, it’s definitely worth exploring. 


Less sad means more happy


On the other hand, what does a well-nurtured heart look like?


      • Strong relationships
      • Ability to ask others for help
      • Accepting your good and bad traits
      • Accepting others’ good and bad traits
      • Infrequent mood swings
      • Not taking things personally
      • Organized life
      • Sense of purpose
      • Joy and peace


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