Handling Conflict e-Course

Handling Conflict


If you have relationships, you’re guaranteed to have conflict. Heck, even if it were just you, there would still be disagreement (ice cream or fruit?). Many people avoid conflict like the plague, either by ignoring or bullying. Neither approach improves relationships.


But knowing how to navigate conflicts can literally change your life. Since most public schools don’t offer classes and most families don’t do address it, many never learn how to deal with it. They suffer in miserable or “okay” friendships and marriages because they don’t know that it can be different. 


Poor conflict skills affect:

  • marriages
  • parenting
  • churches
  • workplaces
  • places with people


Take this 7 week, biblically based e-mail course to learn how to successfully navigate through the rough waters of relationships. Each e-mail builds on the one before it, giving you plenty of time to take in the material and practice. I highly recommend creating a folder and saving the emails so you can review as needed.


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About Shay Malone

Shay Malone, a certified Christian life coach, provides education, inspiration and resources to improve emotional well-being. She specializes in working with clients to overcome emotional roadblocks rooted in childhood trauma. She is owner and life coach at 4HisGlory Consulting, where the emotional meets the practical and is transformed by the spiritual.

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