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Welcome to Christ Life Radio, an online podcast about issues and events that Christians struggle with. The point of the show is to answer the hidden questions about living the Christian life and to encourage emotional and spiritual growth.


Christ Life Radio is transitioning from being a radio talk show (formerly on WDJY 99.1 FM) to an online podcast, so please bear with us. Until we get a new schedule and new shows, check out our past broadcasts, either on this page or on SoundCloud.





Episode 1 – The Christian Identity


What does it mean to say you’re a Christian?

Guest: Pastor Charles Shannon of Mission Church



Episode 2: Wholly You, Wholly Loved


All of us have unique personality traits, body shapes, etc… that make us who we are. Do you accept who you are? Do you believe that God made you on purpose, for purpose?

Guest: Christina Saunders, Restoration Coach


Check out these personality tests to learn more about the REAL you.



Episode 3: My Body, My Temple 


Self-care is an overlooked, under-valued discipline. Taking care of yourself means you have more to give others. How’s your self-care?

Guest: Dr. Judith, Jewel’s Coaching Services




Episode 4: Christians and Mental Health Part 1: Facts and Fiction

If you tell someone you’re sick, they’ll tell you to see a doctor. But if you tell them you’re sad or anxious or constantly irritable, they may just tell you to pray more. Mental health issues (or emotional health as I think of them) affect just as many believers as non. Yet it’s usually harder to talk about. In this episode, we’ll separate the facts from fiction.

Note: This is a special episode and does not have a guest interview.


Tell us about your experiences with mental/emotional health, whether your own or someone else’s. 



Episode 5: Christians and Mental Health Part 2: Trauma

Trauma, especially childhood trauma, is often overlooked and misunderstood. We’ll talk about trauma and how it effects mental and emotional health throughout life.

Guest: Pastor Sabrina Nottage, Author of Naked and Not Ashamed


How can you help others heal from trauma? Make sure you tune in if your answer is “I don’t know.” 



Episode 6: Love, Sex and Marriage

A broad overview of God’s plan for intimacy and procreation. In later episodes, we’ll talk more about specific topics.

Guests: Pastor Mark and Dr. Dawn Lawrence of Kingdom First Ministries




Episode 7: Training Up a Child – Parental Incarceration

One of the hardest, most rewarding callings is to be a parent. What are some of the pitfalls of parenting and how do you avoid them?

Guest: Quniana Futrell, Author of Our Moms


How do you talk to your kids about hard topics? 

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Episode 8: Faith and Politics

Two of the most controversial dinner topics and we’ll tackle them together.

Guest: Robert Van Ness,


Audience Participation: Are your politics more a reflection of your socio-cultural background or your faith? Be honest!



Episode 9: Christians and Community

Christians go to church on Sunday and maybe Bible study or community group mid-week. But is that really what it means to “not forsake the assembling of the saints?” 

Guest: Pastor Jamie Limato, Aletheia Norfolk


How much community do Christians need, if any?


Episode 10: Courting and Dating

What’s the difference between courting and dating? Do you have to court to successfully marry? 

Guest: Terry Scott, Yielding Hearts


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