Resources about Childhood Trauma

Resources on Childhood Trauma


Welcome to the resource page! This is where I will add books, websites and any other resources that may help you in your healing journey. I recommend checking this page periodically as I will update it when I come across a new resource.


Please note: some of the links will be affiliate links. That simply means I may receive a referral payment for connecting you to the resource. There is no additional cost to you in any way.


Book Resources







Online Resources


MyPTSD is full of info about different types of post-traumatic stress disorder and its effects. What I like best is the forums. There is a section specifically for Complex PTSD, both those who are dealing with it and those who are in relationship with them.






Lilly Hope Lucario has dealt with her own childhood trauma and created this site as a powerful resource for helping others. There is a lot of good information to help you understand childhood trauma and its manifestations.


Healing from Complex Trauma and PTSD








Christians Overcoming Trauma is a Facebook group I started. In time, I hope it becomes a thriving community of support. In this early stage it is primarily a place where I give encouragement, information and resources.


Resource group for FB