Shay Malone

About Shay Malone

Shay Malone, a certified Christian life coach, provides education, inspiration and resources to improve emotional well-being. She specializes in working with clients to overcome emotional roadblocks rooted in childhood trauma. She is owner and life coach at 4HisGlory Consulting, where the emotional meets the practical and is transformed by the spiritual.

Handling Conflict e-Course

  If you have relationships, you’re guaranteed to have conflict. Heck, even if it were just you, there would still be disagreement (ice cream or fruit?). Many people avoid conflict like the plague, either by ignoring or bullying. Neither approach improves relationships.   But knowing how to navigate conflicts can literally […]

Meyers-Briggs Roundup

#typemetuesday – Misunderstanding personality is a common reason that we can feel “not good enough” and experience lack of identity. Understanding our God-given personality strengthens our acceptance of self. Understanding the diversity of personalities builds empathy and improves relationships. #mbti #personality #type #introvert #keirsey #fourtemperaments #dyt #identity #talents #gifts #extrovert […]

Communication Contest Winner

The winner of our communication contest (drumroll, please)… Victoria Carrington!   Although the entries were randomly selected, I thought her response was very insightful.   “The number one factor that makes someone a great communicator is the ability and willingness to listen to others. I learned this surprising fact first-hand […]