Emotional Wellness Coaching and Consulting

 Starts right where you are – you are the expert on you

 Provides a trusted and knowledgeable ear 

 Allows time and space for reflection and proactive planning

 Improves the odds of success with actionable goals and accountability

Why I Became An Emotional Wellness Coach

Shay Malone CLR

I observed people struggling with 

the same problems for years. Why?


Emotions drive our behavior. The actions and thoughts that distress us most are often related to to unresolved grief. If this grief isn’t dealt with, we’ll continue to deal with harmful emotional cycles of anger, anxiety and sadness, as well as poor relationship quality. Our ability to love ourselves and others well is a key indicator of emotional wellness. This foundation is typically built in childhood, when a child lives with love, security and acceptance or fear, worry and blame.


Traditional counseling and self-help focuses on outward behavior and thought pattern changes. This is enough if your core belief is that you are worthy, valuable and good enough. But if your core belief is that you are flawed, unacceptable and unworthy of love these changes will not address the root emotional causes. 


Understanding your emotions and learning to lead them, instead of letting them lead you, makes you a better friend, spouse, parent and leader. More importantly, you can live without the weight and stress of striving for impossible goals. Most importantly, you are free to lead the abundant, purposeful life that God wants you to experience.

I’m Shay Malone, Heart-Spirit Coach with 4HisGlory Consulting, LLC. God saved me from a suicide attempt at age 10 and a family history of depression. I’ve followed Him ever since. I believe learning to see yourself through His loving eyes is the way to true abundance and joy. 


It’s time to move forward. Live without fear.

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